Translation experts

What is Easy Languages?
We are a translation agency. Our collaborators are all professional native translators that execute the translations manually with the assistance of assisted translation software. They never use machine translation software.

What can you translate?
We can translate every kind of text: technical and scientific manuals, websites, advertising material, degree thesis, correspondence between private people, etc.

Do you offer your services for every kind of texts or do you have some limitations?
We accept any kind of material which does not incite to racial hatred, to pedophilia, to the exploitation of minors, to the commission of any kind of crimes, or, more generally, facilitates any type of activities considered illegal.

Do you deal with small translations?
We value the possibility of translating even a few lines.

What languages are you able to translate?
We work with all the European languages and with various non-European languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Hebrew, Korean and many others. However, if you have to translate some material in a language not included in this list do not hesitate to contact us as we collaborate with many agencies which also work with lesser known languages.

Do your translators translate to various languages?
This never occurs. Our translators are mother tongue in the destination language and perfectly bilingual in the origin language. They translate only to their native language.

Do you provide interpretation services too?
Our agency does not provide interpretation services directly. However, do not hesitate to contact us if you need such services, we will be glad to bring you into contact with reliable agencies which will be able to meet your needs in the best way.

Do you work with firms or with individual clients?
We work both with firms and with individual clients.

How can we send you the material to be translated?
Just send us an e-mail attaching the document to be translated or the link of the website to be translated. Otherwise, you can send the document by fax.

How can we receive a free estimate from you?
Just send us the material to be translated following the instructions written in the previous point, specifying the destination language and the desired delivery terms. One of our representatives will answer as soon as possible quoting clearly the costs and confirming the delivery terms.

I am a translator and I would like to work with you, how can I send you my CV?
To present your candidature, please send us your CV via e-mail.

Are there any special conditions for firms which need your services often and wish to establish a continual collaboration with you?
Creating steady business relationships with our clients is our main goal. If you expect to work with us on a continual basis we will be glad to define prices and special conditions with you right from the second order.

Is it possible to visit your office or receive a visit from one of your representatives?
Excluding a very small percentage of complex projects, all work can be well analysed and subsequently carried out reaching the full satisfaction of the clients without the necessity of a direct meeting. This guarantees the reduction of the operating costs and consequently of selling prices. Being a completely internet based agency we don't take into consideration either the possibility of receiving clients in our operative seat or the possibility of visiting them.

How do you establish your prices?
Unlike other agencies which provide online estimates based only on the length of the text, we prefer analysing the material to be translated and sending the client an estimate with a precise and definitive evaluation of the material. Our prices vary not only depending on the length of the texts but also on their difficulties, their format, the languages of destination and origin, the delivery terms requested by the client and the kind of business relationship with the client.

Are your prices favourable?
The organizational structure we have created allows us to keep the operative costs at a very low level. For this reason we are almost always able to offer our clientele lower prices than those of our competitors.

How are your delivery terms?
Our delivery terms are very brief. Obviously they depend on the length and on the difficulties of the entrusted material. However, the due dates fixed in the estimate are always respected.

Which are your guarantees on the delivery terms?
Easy Languages guarantees the respect of the delivery terms established in the estimate. To have more information we ask you to read the General conditions.

What kind of payments do you accept?
We accept bank transfer and credit cards. The payment conditions and the terms are not fixed but established from time to time.

Which guarantees do you offer about the quality of the service?
The implicit guarantee is our staff: our collaborators are all professional native translators with qualifications in the most diversified sectors. The translations are made manually with assisted translation software and never through machine translation software. On the other hand, the explicit guarantees are specified in detail in the General conditions.

Can you draw up a glossary?
On client's demand we can draw up a glossary that guarantees the conformity of the translation with the language used in the client's firm and also the style and terminological consistency of the translation executed with the eventual future translations.

How do you treat clients' personal details?
Our clients' privacy is guaranteed. Personal details are treated in the most confidential way and used by Easy Languages only for the institutional and instrumental aims related with its activity. The regulations in force concerning the protection of personal details (in particular the D.lgs n.196/2003, of the 30th June), establish the right of clients to access their details, asking for their rectification, supplement, suspension or elimination. To exercise their rights, clients have to send us a written request.