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To precisely determine the number of languages in the world is nearly impossible due to the difficulties in establishing some criteria to divide them. According to recent surveys, nowadays there are between 3000 and 7000 modern languages in the world.

Easy Languages offers a professional translations service in almost every language of the world. Below the picture on your right there is a brief list of the main languages we work with.

Our mission is to maintain a high standard of translation. To do this we put in all our passion and our reliability, constantly updating the new translation techniques, the new translation software but, most of all, selecting expert translators and clever project managers for you.

In fact, the quality of a translation depends on many factors but the two main aspects concern the competence of the translator and the skill of the project manager in understanding the client’s needs and communicating with him.

Easy Languages has built a vast network of freelance professional translators scattered all over the world. They have been carefully selected after an accurate verification of their credentials (degrees, working experiences, references) and after a precise analysis of their sample translations and of the translations made for our agency after hiring them.

The large number of translators at our disposal always gives us the possibility to find the most suitable for your project. Our translators in facts have specializations and qualifications in the most diversified sectors. Besides, they have access to dictionaries, glossaries and specific tools that allow them to find the appropriate terminology in every moment.
Therefore, their qualifications, together with technology that we put at their disposal, make them able to deal with translations of every kind of text and in every format in total ease: technical manuals, advertising material, commercial letters, legal documents, companies introductions, degree thesis, catalogues, websites, correspondence between private people, scientific publications, contracts, instruction books, informative material, brochures, reports, press releases, patents, technical features, books, balances, reviews, forms, etc.

The work of the translators is planned, directed and monitored by the project managers. These are qualified and expert professionals of the sector with also a good experience in dealing with people.
Their task is understanding clients' needs and passing them on to the translators in order to reach the best result possible and with it the full satisfaction of the clientele.
We know very well that a satisfied client today is almost surely a client who will come back tomorrow. The loyalty of our clients is fundamental for us.
You will find reliable and qualified staff willing to answer your questions with the utmost kindness in English, Italian, Spanish, and French whether written or over the phone.

For information concerning a translation or to receive a free estimate, send us an e-mail, you will be amazed at our prices, absolutely the lowest you can find on the web.