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About 335 million native people speak English and this makes it the third most spoken language in the world in absolute.
Furthermore, if we add about 300 million people that speak it as a second language, English takes a second place after Chinese.
During the twentieth century, besides being one of the six official languages of the UN, English has progressively become the lingua franca par excellence in the world, replacing in this special function French, which in its turn had defeated the supremacy of Italian and Latin in diplomatic and scientific communications.

Such importance has made English the most studied language in the world and, according to some recent estimates, about one billion and a half people speak it more or less fluently. If we considered these people too, English would become the most diffused language in the world.
The records of English don't stop here. If we created a ranking taking into consideration countries instead of people, this language would result as the most diffused in the world, since it is official in more than 50 countries. Among the principal ones we mention the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa.
English thus being spoken in each of these countries has followed its own directions, but, despite the existing differences, the various forms of English are still absolutely intelligible between them.

If you need a translation in English, e-mail us attaching the document to be translated and we will quickly send you an estimate. The linguistic combinations that clients most often request of us are the following:

=> Translations French-English and vice versa
=> Translations German-English and vice versa
=> Translations Italian-English and vice versa
=> Translations Spanish-English and vice versa

Anyway, we have thousands of native translators for translations from English or translations to English in every possible linguistic combination.

Translations in English