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With about 78 million mother tongue speakers, French is the eleventh most spoken language in the world. If we add the people speaking it as a second language, the number grows up to reaching about 450 million and put French at the fifth place of this special ranking.
Furthermore, being the second most studied language in the world, we could add 200 million people to these figures that speak it more or less fluently.
Besides being one of the six official languages of the UN, French is the official language in more than 50 countries. If we created a ranking taking into consideration countries instead of people, French would be the second most diffused language in the world, preceded only by English.
Besides France, French is also spoken in Canada (mainly in Quebec), Belgium, Switzerland, in all former French colonies and in many communities and administrations too.

Each of these countries has by now obviously developed its own linguistic peculiarities, but, however, these do not compromise in any way the reciprocal comprehension between speakers with different nationalities.
Within the national borders of France, the variant dialects of French have almost all disappeared. Among the most famous there are Picard, Gallic and Walloon.
Even though the phenomenon is going backwards quickly, in France, besides the official language there are some other spoken languages. The most important are Occitan, Franco Provenšal, Corsican, Breton and Flemish.

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Translations in French