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With about 100 million mother tongue speakers, German is the tenth most spoken language in the world. This result makes German the most diffused Germanic language in the world after English and, within the European Union, the language with the largest number of mother tongue speakers. To the natives we have to add another 70 million people speaking it as a second language.
The main countries where German is recognised as an official language are Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxemburg.

It is spoken also in other European areas (for example in some regions of Belgium, France and Italy) but out of the old continent it can be found only in small communities scattered here and there in the various continents. Some exceptions are the German former colonies where a good part of the population still speaks German. Among these, it is worth mentioning Namibia.
As regards the dialects spoken in Germany, these can be divided in two macro-groups (the High German and the Low German), which in their turn can be subdivided in other smaller groups and local variants. Anyway, the knowledge of standard German is much diffused and the force of dialects has been decreasing constantly for decades.
Normally, the spoken language in the northern regions, in particular in Hannover, is considered the real German.

If you need a translation in German, e-mail us attaching the document to be translated and we will quickly send you an estimate. The linguistic combinations that clients most often request of us are the following:

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Anyway, we have thousands of native translators for translations from German or translations to German in every possible linguistic combination.

Translations in German