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Among all the languages of Indoeuropean origin Greek is the most ancient, or, in any case, the one with the longest documented history of about 35 centuries.
Greek has experienced various evolutions during the time, and in its uninterrupted path we can identify at least three large linguistic phases: Ancient Greek, Medieval Greek (or Byzantine Greek) and Modern Greek.
Each of these phases, in its turn, has experienced both an historical evolution and geographical diversification, with the birth of a series of different dialects.
Many dialects of Greek still exist. One of these, Dimotiki (that in its turn presents territorial variants), is the official language of Greece and of Cyprus (together with Turkish).
Besides, it is spoken in some communities in Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Russia and Ukraine. Also in the south of Italy there are some linguistic islands where Greek variants are spoken: in Calabria (Grecanic) and in Salento (Griko). Moreover, it is diffused in the emigrant communities of the Americas and Australia.

From an historical and philological point of view Greek has had an incredible importance for other languages. It is not a coincidence that thousand words of Greek etimology have entered in the common use of all the most important european languages of modern age.
Nevertheless, nowadays Greek is spoken in a relatively reduced area, and, with about 16 million mother tongue speakers, it is only at the fifty-seventh place in the ranking of the most spoken language in the world. That strongly contrasts with the importance that this language has had in the global culture.

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Translations in Greek

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