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Italian, with about 62 million mother tongue speakers, is the twenty-second most spoken language in the world.
It is official in Italy, Switzerland (with other three languages), the Republic of San Marino, the Vatican, three municipalities of Slovenia (along with Slovenian) and Istria (along with Croatian). Besides, it is diffused in some areas of the countries facing the Mediterranean, in some Italian former colonies in Africa and in world widespread Italian communities born after the strong Italian emigration of the past two centuries.

The estimated Italian citizens abroad are about 4 million: 2,2 million in Europe, 1,2 in Central and South America, 310.000 in North America, 120.000 in Oceania, 84.000 in Africa, 32.000 in Asia.
Besides the standard Italian, which is the written language par excellence, in the Italian territory there are various regional dialects spoken by the people. Some of them are simply variants of the standard language, others such as Lombard, Piedmontese, Neapolitan, Ligurian, Sicilian and Venetian are instead real dialects linguistically different from Italian. For this reason, although Italy does not recognize them officially as languages, they are recognized by the international linguistic community.

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Translations in Italian