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About 325 million native speakers make Spanish the fourth most spoken language in the world. Counting the people that speak it as a second language, we arrive to a total of more than 417 million speakers.
The word "Spanish" is commonly accepted worldwide even though sometimes is replaced with "Castilian" to put in evidence that it comes from Castile and not from other Spanish regions, that, in their turn, have politically recognized languages (Galician in Galicia, Basque in the Basque Country and Catalan in Catalonia).

Besides being one of the six official languages of the UN and of Spain, Spanish is the official language of almost all the countries of Central and South America and, in the last decades, due to the strong increase of the Hispanic community in the United States, it has largely diffused in this country too.
All of these countries, also because of the influence of the indigenous languages in their territories, during the time have developed their own particular way of speaking Spanish, but the differences in most cases are marginal and this allows all Spanish speakers to understand each other easily even if they come from different countries.

If you need a translation in Spanish, e-mail us attaching the document to be translated and we will quickly send you an estimate. The linguistic combinations that clients most often request of us are the following:

=> Translations English-Spanish and vice versa
=> Translations French-Spanish and vice versa
=> Translations German-Spanish and vice versa
=> Translations Italian-Spanish and vice versa

Anyway, we have thousands of native translators for translations from Spanish or translations to Spanish in every possible linguistic combination.

Translations in Spanish