Translation methodology

Translation experts

We are perfectly aware that the success of our clients' projects is strictly linked to our work. For this reason we have studied a procedure of texts translation which allows us to reach high quality levels quickly. Here are the main points:

> After receiving the document to be translated, one of our project managers makes an accurate estimate, with a clear definition of the costs, of the delivery terms and of the forms of payment.

> A specific terminology to be used is defined if the client asks for it.

> The project manager is responsible for electing the most suitable translator for the project. The chosen candidate is always a native in the destination language and perfectly bilingual in the origin language. He/she has specific qualifications that enable him/her to understand and deal with the linguistic, technological and cultural aspects related to the work to be done.

> After being translated, the document is completely revised by another translator who has the same requirements as the first.

> The quality department makes a random revision on various parts of the text to value the work of the translators.

> Before delivering the document we draw up a glossary to be used in case of future works, if the client asks for it.

> The project manager is the key figure for clients. His/her task is to support them in every possible way whether in the production phase or in the post production. He/she passes on the clients' requests to the translators, he updates clients about the work in progress, he provides for the delivery of the final document, and is responsible for the invoicing and any possible complaints.

> If in the future the client should need further translations he/she will be given the same translator so as to enable continuity of style and terminological consistency in the translation.

Method of translation