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Easy Languages is a translation agency that works with a network of thousands of native translators who live all over the world and are able to translate any type of text: technical and scientific manuals, websites, advertising material, degree thesis, correspondence, etc.

We work both with enterprises and individual clients. Anybody needing a written translation can contact us without commitment. We deal with all the European languages and with various non-European languages such as Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Hindi, Hebrew, Korean and many others. We work exclusively online. This allows us to keep our operating costs down and to supply a quick and high quality translation service to our clients.

We complete our offer with the following additional services:

=> Back translations
=> Creation of style guides
=> Desktop publishing
=> Globalisation
=> Glossaries
=> Internationalisation
=> Legalisations
=> Localisation
=> Proofreading
=> Revision
=> Subtitles translation
=> Sworn translations
=> Transcription
=> Urgent translations

Of course we are not the only internet based agency but our prices are almost always more favourable than those of our competitors. Ask for a free estimate and compare prices, you will realize how Easy Languages is your best choice.

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